C2C Staff Spotlight: 8 Questions with Angela Martano

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“…everyone is here because they want to help kids in need and at the risk of sounding like an idealist, that’s the way it should be.”

Angela Martano is Cradles to Crayons’ Corporate Volunteer Coordinator. In her role, she coordinates the corporate service events and leads the groups while they are in the Giving Factory. When Angela isn’t working with corporate groups she is tearing up the C2C dance floor with moves like this. She has been at C2C for 8 months, spending the first 4 as a Volunteer Leader.

What were you doing before you worked at Cradles to Crayons?
Before I worked at Cradles to Crayons I was a part of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps.  While I could talk about AmeriCorps NCCC all day long, I’ll try to make it short. Basically I spent 2 years traveling the Southwest with a team of people ranging from 18-24 years old doing various service projects in the areas of disaster relief, education, the environment and unmet human needs.  This program was based out of Denver where I spent about half my time.  I also spent time in different parts of Texas and Louisiana mentoring children, building homes, trail-building and other amazing things!

What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is being constantly surrounded by caring individuals who want to make a difference. Whether it’s fellow co-workers, a student volunteering or a corporate volunteer, everyone is here because they want to help kids in need and at the risk of sounding like an idealist, that’s the way it should be.

What story about a child we have served has stuck with you most?
There was an order for a young girl who had cancer and had to go back and forth constantly to the hospital for treatment.  She needed plenty of fun things to keep her occupied and try to keep her happy while she was going through a very difficult time.  Not only was she already in a tough situation, but to top it off she was fighting an illness at such a young age.  We stocked her up with toys, arts and crafts and a huge stuffed dog for her to cuddle with!

What was your favorite book, toy, or outfit as a child?
I was a huge fan of the American Girl dolls. I thought they were so great, but I didn’t want to ask Santa for one for Christmas because I thought they were too expensive.  But, Santa came through  because he must have known how much I loved them!  I would braid their hair and dress them all crazy all the time.

If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?
I would love to meet Anderson Cooper not only because he is a silver fox (can I say that?), but because he is very intelligent and tells news stories as they should be told.  He is very objective yet compassionate when interviewing people. I also think he is hilarious and would be an awesome person to spend time with.

Describe what you were like at age 10.
I was a star softball player, a VERY picky eater and a total bookworm.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take 3 things with you what would they be?
I would definitely need chapstick because I can never leave home without it, preferably the “gluestick” kind that everyone makes fun of me for.  I would also take my journal to write down my thoughts and keep lists of random things.  And lastly, I would need a watch, even though it didn’t matter what time it was, I would still need to know.

What children’s character can you relate with most?
I like to compare myself to Pocahontas (the Disney version that is), very adventurous and willing to do anything even if it goes against what might be expected of her or what is the norm. Although I wouldn’t jump off a cliff into a roaring river, I do enjoy weeping willow trees!

Thanks for allowing us to learn a little about you, Angela! Stay tuned for more spotlights on C2C staff members.


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